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Writing as an Inspiration for Visual Art: A Discussion with Eunice Wu

Updated: May 17, 2023

When we think of writing as an art, we typically think of it in terms of the content or style underlying a string of well put together words. But writing can serve as a way to inspire works of visual art.

the floor is space and there is a square hole in the floor that reveals the sky and clouds below and a ladder coming up through it
to above and beyond, 2023

Eunice Wu began her journey creating art by utilizing use of Adobe programs about eight years ago. She described learning the programs to extrapolate the skills to put in use in her works. Eunice was always drawn to art, keen to learn and continued to gain proficiency with Adobe programs.

“By using Photoshop and playing with the pixels and drawing out various concepts is how I got into art. And that is also how I practiced using the program. Through there, I started posting my pieces online, and I started making quite a bit of traction. I was able to work with Google, got scouted to work for a brand management company in New York, and then I also got scouted to teach Adobe in San Francisco. It led to a lot of amazing opportunities, and I can owe that all towards creating Art and just having that experience,” Eunice says.

a person holding a white mask above their head while being surrounded by a bunch of other floating white masks
made in china, 2023

Writing in visual art

When asked if writing can be a form of visual art, or has a place in visual art pieces, Eunice believes so. Eunice draws inspiration from a variety of written sources and themes.

“This time around for my new collections, many topics are based around a lot of philosophy and psychology concepts. And that in itself, has a lot of meaning and writing behind the concepts of the art. Because of that, I do believe that art and writing kind of intertwine. One certainly cannot exist without the other. Behind every piece of art there is a lot of writing and thought, as well as a story to tell.”

escalators going up and down from a side view with every level being a different environment/atmosphere starting with rocks, in a building, the outdoors, and the sky
zero sum game, 2023

Incorporating writing in Eunice’s art

Eunice makes it a habit to read everyday and draws influence from titles in philosophy and psychology for her art.

“Throughout reading about these new viewpoints and learning how to be more open-minded, I have picked up different concepts that I would have never thought of. So, a lot of my art draws its concepts from these books that I am reading and these viewpoints that very prolific writers have expressed. I learned quite a bit. For example, there was one philosophy book that was talking about ancient wisdom of the concept of happiness, or even business books have the concept of how consumers view the different hierarchies of life. And these are just such interesting dynamics in our world that should definitely be explored. And one way to explore it is through creating our art.”

In terms of Eunice’s personal writing, she describes keeping it externally and on the side where if people want to read her interpretation of it they can. It is not necessarily her style to incorporate the writing into the piece itself but potentially something she would explore in the future.

Someone watering a dead tree in the desert
nature and nurture, 2023

The underlying philosophy behind Eunice’s works

Eunice believes the common theme behind all of her works is a sense of self-exploration.

“Throughout this journey of creating these pieces and experiencing these opportunities, I have gotten through creating this art. It has definitely been a journey of self-exploration and learning for myself. And I think that that can be reflected in all my pieces of art regardless of what the true meaning I intended behind it was.’

a persons face wrapped in a plastic bag with the colours and texture of planet earth, with hands coming in to grab the bag
paint the town blue, 2023

Art Vancouver

Eunice is currently focused on releasing two collections: In Constant Examination of the Human Condition and Web 3.0.

In Constant Examination of the Human Condition is about human nature and draws on philosophical and psychological underpinnings. And just from reading these concepts, even though some of these are from many many years ago, they are still applicable to our lives now, and just how human nature is. I think it is a timeless feature that we definitely have to explore. I am also trying to release Web 3.0 which is a mix of Black Mirror [the television show] concepts to modern life or a commentary on a lot of dystopian nature and digital space.”’

a shopping cart filled with glowing phone applications
app store, 2023

Eunice will also be on the speaker panel for the AI talk at Art Vancouver.

By: Narayan Gill

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