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Art Vancouver where art meets world

Founded in 2015, Art Vancouver welcomes over 100 global artists and galleries, captivating 8,000+ attendees. This foundational event marked the birth of Art Vancouver and laid the groundwork for its transformative initiatives.

Over the years, Art Vancouver has evolved into a space where the contemporary art fair unites nations through art. With the show attracting a carefully curated selection of galleries and artists from across Canada and beyond, the event has become a platform for networking and collaboration within the global art community.

What sets Art Vancouver apart is its commitment to creating a dynamic space for creatives to network and collaborate, surpassing the conventional role of art fairs. Our innovative 'Face of Art Runway' provides artists and galleries with a unique opportunity to connect attendees with the individual artists behind each masterpiece. As artists gracefully walk the runway with their creations, attendees witness the art and the vibrant personalities and stories that breathe life into each piece. Additionally, there's space for live demonstrations and on-site painting through 'Art Demonstrations,' allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the artistic process and gain insights into the techniques and inspiration that drive each creation. Art Vancouver also features a 'Speaker Series' and 'Art Talks' where collectors, industry leaders, and exhibitors share their experiences and insights. Along with these highlights, we offer a variety of other programming (ex. Art Masters and Private Tours) for collectors and art lovers to interact with gallerists and artists throughout the four-day event.


Presented by the Vancouver Visual Art Foundation (VVAF), a non-profit organization, Art Vancouver celebrates the global art community's diversity and talent. Hosted in the vibrant city of Vancouver, it has grown significantly in attendance and art sold over the years.

Approaching its 9th edition, Art Vancouver remains a testament to the beauty and wonder of contemporary art in Vancouver. Beyond thought-provoking exhibitions, engaging workshops, and stimulating conversations, the fair is a celebration of the global art community's diversity and talent.

Join us on this journey, April 24 - 27, 2025.

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