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Artive & Art Vancouver

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Artive Inc is a non-profit organisation passionately committed to the protection and preservation of works of art and cultural heritage. Headquartered in the United States of America, its team of experts offers a series of risk management services created to combat the rise, plus the far-reaching consequences, of threats against our cultural heritage. Artive Inc also works to educate and raise awareness of the importance of due diligence and use their community platform to bring experts and thought-leaders together so that necessary conversations about the future of our heritage may take place.

Artive Inc provides a unique service uniting people who wish to protect art and all cultural property.  By utilising the most technologically advanced global database, Artive Inc is able to establish a growing and accurate record of claimed objects. Thus, they can provide an index and record of data for posterity and preservation in all fields of art.

Artive’s risk management services have been designed to support those working to prevent fraudulent trade and art theft. The non-profit recognises the importance of due diligence in all industries, especially in the art market. Artive works devotedly to support cultural organisations in promoting and undertaking due diligence checks. In this way we believe Artive can play a key role in combating the increasing threats against our shared heritage.  

The organization’s mission was formed mindful of the risks associated with all aspects of the art market; from shipping to insurance. Artive Inc is dedicated to establishing a market surrounding art that is both transparent and ethical. 

Artive is committed to protect the interests of all artists, both past and living. By registering works on the Artive database, legitimate and comprehensive documentation of ownership and provenance can be provided.  Those services can protect the interests and works of artists today whilst reducing the risks of future unethical transactions. Artive’s work strives to provide all artists with the security that their art will be part of a community that values honesty and lucidity. Artive is proud to have partnered with Art Vancouver in an effort to support artists and exhibitors working today against any insecurity they may encounter in the art market.

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