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Face of Art Runway

Experience the Face of Art Runway, exclusively at Art Vancouver. This opening night program offers exhibitors the unique opportunity to showcase their art by walking the runway. It's a fantastic chance for artists and galleries to connect their artwork with the face, personality, and individual behind the painting, sculpture, drawing, or photography.

2024 Exhibitors: 

Adeyera Adeniyi
Adeniyi, Adeyera 

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, gallery owner Adeniyi Titus has been an artist since birth. Hailing from Nigeria, he pursued art and design courses before establishing his own studio. Here, he meticulously crafts and designs custom pieces for his clientele.

Dilshat Aripov
Aripov, Dilshat

Aripov, an artist specializing in drawing and fine arts, was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan. His work revolves around the culture and enduring oppression faced by the Uyghur community. Showing a passion for drawing from an early age, he pursued studies in Fine Arts and Technical Design. Following his education, Aripov embarked on a career as a drawing teacher in an art studio, a role he continues to fulfill to this day.

Booth # 601

Claire Shannon
Shannon-Akiwenzie, Claire

Shannon-Akiwenzie (Anishinaabe/Irish) is a proud member of the Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation in Neyaashiinigmiing, Ontario. She currently resides in the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Musqueam, Tsleil Waututh and Squamish peoples in Vancouver, BC. Shannon-Akiwenzie is a digital artist, beader, drummer, educator and facilitator. Both art and education are catalysts for capacity building, promoting well-being and developing relationships.

Booth #302

James Darin Corbiere
Corbiere, Darin James

James Darin Corbiere - Waabi Makoohns (Young White Bear) is Aanishinaabe from the Great Lakes Region of Canada. A former police officer and teacher, Corbiere is now semi-retired pursuing his passion for art as a way to help heal. His technique of using ink on sculpted wood originated from a desire to connect with the spirit of each piece, which in turn, has a story to tell. It is in their creation that he has found a way to heal. Reconciliation is an emerging theme in Corbiere's projects.

Booth #405

Michelle Fedosoff
Fedosoff, Michelle

Fedosoff is an award-winning photographer who has spent the past 20 years photographing what captures her eye. Her Altered Realities work begins with one of her original photographs and then is digitally altered with filters and special effects. 

Booth #507

Susan L Greig
Grieg, L. Susan

Greig is an award-winning Metis artist who captures the energy of nature in her contemporary landscape paintings.  Her work are in collections throughout Canada, USA,  Mexico and Europe. 

Susan loves to paint life along the Fraser River in British Columbia as well as landscapes that capture the beauty of the Pacific Northwest Coast.

Booth # 302

James Groening
Groening, James

James Groening, or Blue Sky, is a Burnaby-based Cree artist from Kahkewistahaw Band, Turtle Island. Led by artistic intuition and native legends, Groening works with the physical nuances and spirit of each canvas and elk skin to begin his creation process. His artwork documents his journey of healing and growth, as he attempts to revitalize his cultural identity through art-making and teaching among others.

Booth #302

Hebilla Agostina
Hebilla, Agostina

Born in Argentina in 1984, Agostina Hebilla is a self-taught artist whose unique journey intertwines with a strong academic foundation.  Her artistic development includes workshops with renowned figures such as Alejandro Rosemberg in Buenos Aires, Mauro Cano in Mendoza. This eclectic mix of influences has shaped Hebilla's distinctive artistic voice, marked by a fusion of diverse techniques and perspectives.


Recognized with awards, Hebilla's works reside in national and international institutions and private collections.


She is also the owner of AHebilla Arts Studios based in Vancouver, Canada. 

Booth # 608

Im Najeong
Im, Najeong

Im, an artist born and raised in the coastal city of Yeosu, South Korea, decided to pursue her passion for Graphic Design in the United States. After seven years of studying art and design in Atlanta, Georgia, she found herself captivated by Vancouver’s picturesque setting, where she has been living and creating ever since.

Im's artistic repertoire spans across various mediums, including photography, painting, sculpture, and writing. Her works are deeply personal, evoking a sense of intimacy and authenticity that resonates with her audience.

Booth # 509

Lineage Arts
Jacob, Suny

Jacob is an Indo-Canadian painter who works across mediums and styles and is a firm believer that art is not meant to be a field of comfort. In her mentoring program, she often tells young artists that “an Artist should be in a constant state of curiosity and exploration; exploring new styles, colours, and inspiration.” 

Immigrating to Canada in the 80s, Jacob has always loved the Canadian landscape, which is vastly different from her ancestral home in Kerala, India. She began travelling throughout Canada, appreciating the numerous national parks. As she travelled, she created a collection of paintings and sketches. Her landscape paintings are frequently characterized as impressionist realism, combining lush brush strokes with vivid colour.

Booth # 103

Shakun Jhangiani
Jhangiani, Shakun

Born and raised in Bombay, India, Jhangiani is an artist with a diverse background and an outside-the-box approach to her creative endeavors. Having studied dressmaking, photography, and interior design, Jhangiani now designs jewellery, furniture, and interiors. Her mixed media visual art features elements of textural contrast to enhance the presence of each element. Her many achievements include being exhibited in several Vancouver and B.C. galleries, regularly participating in art and design shows, and having been featured in radio, TV, and print media. Jhangiani endeavors to further explore the world of mixed media, urged on by endless inspiration.

Booth # 501

Kanyeyachukwu Tagbo Okeke
Tagbo-Okeke, Kanyeyachuukwu

Tagbo-Okeke is an 11-year-old art savant living with Autism. Tagbo-Okeke started painting at age 4 and has been recognized globally in the creative art world leading to him being a recipient of numerous local and international awards. At the tender age of 8, he was honoured by the Arch Duke and Arch Duchess of Austria with The Flame of Peace Award, an honour reserved for members of the diplomatic corp and leaders who have used their positions to foster global peace and unity. Amongst his many accolades, Tagbo-Okeke is also a recipient of the Indomie 2019, Nigerian Independence Day award for social bravery and has been recognized by the Nigerian government for his extraordinary talent and contribution to drawing awareness to children living with disabilities.

Booth # 613

Rose Kendall
Kendall, Rose

Kendall, a Scottish-born Vancouver-based Artist. Kendall creates work with all visual mediums; from digital illustrations to acrylic paintings, Kendall uses anything available to create her work. Growing up in Scotland painting alongside her grandmother, she nurtured her love of nature to begin painting landscapes as a way to connect to the natural world she was surrounded by. Painting Scottish landscapes in particular is a way for her to immerse herself in the beauty of her homeland; capturing the fleeting light across a hill, snow on mountain tops, or the flowing movement of water. Rose studied design at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Scotland.

Booth # 609

Cathy Key
Key, Cathy

Key's striking work, exploring themes of human expression and our place in the natural world, will be on exhibit at Art Vancouver 2024. Key is a Canadian visual artist inspired by the great naturalists of the 19th century. She creates large, multi-layered works using a collage of botanical illustrations, metallic elements, acrylic paint, inks and glazes. Key has a Ph.D. in Anthropology and over 30 years of experience with yoga and ecstatic dance. These experiences ripple through her work and encourage self-enquiry and spiritual exploration. Winner of the 2023 People’s Choice award from the prestigious Sooke Art show, her work is in high demand.

Booth # 510

Frank Luo
Luo, Frank

Luo is a Chinese contemporary visual artist whose captivating drawings and paintings will be showcased at Art Vancouver 2024! Luo's art employs unique and flowing lines to depict works that reflect his aesthetic taste. As the founder of Mage Art Studio, Luo fosters artistic creation in a space filled with inspiration, offering individuals passionate about painting the opportunity to experience the joy of artistic dialogue. Join us in celebrating Luo's creations!

Booth # 505

Ma Kwon Cheoung
Ma Kwon, Cheoung

Residing in various places within Tamil Nadu, South India, such as Chennai, Pondicherry, and Auroville, the artist Cheong Ma Kwon endeavored to capture the colors of nature's grandeur on canvas. Particularly, Arunachala Mountain in Thiruvannamalai, adorned with golden land extending into forests and meeting the clear sky on the horizon, becomes a place where the ever-changing hues of nature are vividly displayed. Cheong Ma Kwon artistically protrudes the central mandala through the conversion of the rapidly changing colors of nature into the energy of light. This becomes a conduit connecting the visible (reality or everyday life) and the invisible (inner self).

Viktor Mascot
Mascot, Viktor

Driven by a passion for fostering artistic and cultural communities, Le Musée du Monde is committed to making a lasting impact by supporting emerging artists who inspire and motivate. Curated by Viktor Mascot, an art collector and curator-in-chief at Le Musée du Monde, the foundation leads the way in collaborating with governments to provide financial support for immigrant artists worldwide.Viktor Mascot, who also shares his expertise as a marketing professor at New York Tech's MBA program, brings a unique perspective to the curation of Khosravi's work.

Booth #  104

Meeyoung Nam
Nam, Meeyoung

Nam explores the visual fusion and connection beyond boundaries by artistically distributing golf, flowers, birds, and objects with the motif of Chosun folding screens, reflecting the artistic pursuit of their ancestors and moving towards the future while viewing the Chosun folding screen exhibition.

Karissa Narukami
Narukami, Karissa

Diagnosed with moderate to severe Autism Spectrum Disorder at two and a half years old, Narukami's journey with art began early. Born in Richmond, BC, in 1998, her talent emerged when she was just three. While passing a carnival, she recreated the scene at home with astonishing accuracy, revealing her gift for topographic memory. Now 24, Narukami's passionately pursues drawing and painting. Her work is characterized by intricate details and countless lines, revealing her remarkable imagination.

Booth # 511

Laura Noonan
Noonan, Laura

Noonan, a self-taught artist and curator from Cork, Ireland, now calls Vancouver home. Since moving to Canada in 2014, she has been a driving force in the local arts scene. Noonan's lens-based fine art and acrylics are a testament to her creativity. She has developed arts-based programming across Metro Vancouver, including workshops, competitions, and gallery hops.

Her collaborations with the Capture Photography Festival, the Magenta Foundation, and TED have been instrumental in her journey. She continues to draw inspiration from the mosaic of cultures in East Vancouver, infusing her work with community and depth.

Booth # 110

William Orsua
Orsua, William

Orsua, a Filipino Canadian Vancouver-based healthcare worker, wears two hats with equal passion: that of a dedicated professional and an award-winning photographer. Specializing in landscape, wedding, portrait, and corporate photography, artistic vision and technical prowess shine through in every shot he captures. As a Canon pro shooter, he has honed his craft to perfection, with a particular affinity for the breathtaking beauty of landscapes and the thrill of travel photography. Through his lens, William invites viewers to embark on visual journeys that evoke a sense of wonder and awe.


Booth # 112 

Padmashree Nuggehalli
Nuggehalli Bavarian, Padmashree

Badarina Nuggehalli is an Indo-Canadian artist based in Vancouver, driven by a desire to capture the diverse emotions of people from various backgrounds through her art. Raised in India, she was instilled with values such as kindness, love, and humility. However, it was in Canada where she found the strength and courage to embrace her true self and appreciate the rich tapestry of cultures around her. As a child, Badarina Nuggehalli realized that her art was often judged by society's standards and limitations. This realization initially led her to believe that art couldn't truly exist without freedom of expression, causing her to momentarily abandon her passion.

However, in 2016, she rediscovered herself through her art, rekindling her confidence and determination. Since then, Badarina Nuggehalli has been studying art and experimenting with various techniques. Her artistic journey is dedicated to showcasing raw emotions, the beauty that envelops us, and the profound depth that defines each individual.

Booth # 605

Heewon Park
Park, Heewon

Park's work "Full Moon" is an attempt at cultural fusion that crosses the boundary between East and West by recreating a Joseon white porcelain moon jar, which has an outstanding Korean aesthetic, with the fluid colors of Western painting. The Korean Wave proves that most Koreans can be global, but they believe that scalability can only be guaranteed by acquiring global universality. Just as a new culture is created when cultures mix, Park feels like she has achieved inner freedom by expressing the moon jar with the colors and textures of oil paint.

Brian Porter
Porter, Brian

Growing up in the 80’s in small-town Ontario, Porter has drawn artistic influence from music and life experiences alike. A background in graffiti and mural painting shines through in his vibrantly coloured work and, today, Porter’s work can be found in collections across the globe. After years of honing his style that blended his street life of painting famous icons, comic book characters and wildlife Porter has created a bold technique that is undoubtedly noticed as nothing other than “ That’s a Porter!”

Booth # 202

Tannis Seufert
Seufert, Tannis

Creating art is a deeply sacred process for Seufert, offering a space for new insights and stories to emerge. Her pieces reveal narratives, insights, and mysteries, ready to be experienced by the viewer. This process provides her with profound intuitions and insights, translating emotions into art through various mediums. Seufert's artworks are tales of time, weaving together past, present, and future. As an artist, she has learned to be a conduit for what seeks expression, listening closely to her medium. A Harakeke teacher once told her, "Let the flax tell you where it wants to go," a principle that guides her creative practice, surrendering to a larger, more connected source within herself.

Taisha Teal
Teal, Taisha

Teal, a Vancouver native, is a multifaceted individual whose life journey seamlessly intertwines artistry and healing. Born and raised amidst the vibrant cultural tapestry of British Columbia, Taisha’s earliest memories are steeped in an environment saturated with creativity and expression. Teal's passion extends beyond the confines of the canvas. A certified Art Therapist, Teal embodies a holistic approach to healing that transcends traditional boundaries. Grounded in an ethical framework that celebrates the inherent uniqueness of each individual, Teal believes in cultivating a nurturing environment built on trust—a sanctuary where clients can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Her mission is clear: to guide individuals toward their healing goals through the transformative power of art, instilling a sense of resilience, self-discovery, and holistic well-being. In Teal's world, art is not just a medium of expression—it’s a beacon of hope, illuminating the path toward healing, wholeness, and self-realization.

Booth # 615

Paulina Tokarski
Tokarski, Paulina

Tokarski is a self-taught artist originally from central Poland. Settling in Invermere, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Tokarski found that the outdoors became an integral part of her life, inspiring her art in profound ways. Tokarski's journey as an artist began in her teenage years. She spent years exploring acrylic on canvas and wood, later adding acrylic inks and experimenting with mixed media. She is most fascinated by working with alcohol inks on yupo paper, aluminum composite, and wood panels. Nature has been Tokarski's greatest muse. She draws her inspiration from its beauty in all its shapes, textures and colors. Being in the backcountry, feeling the power of the ocean, or simply taking in the beauty of nature allows her to engage in a creative practice of exploration and renewal. Tokarski's art reflects her surroundings and the place that exists within her creative mind; a place she can escape to and be lost within.

Booth # 611

Tangchao Art Studio
Tangchao Art Studio/YiLinYuan Fine Art

Tangchao Art Studio, the earliest formal art training institution in the Greater Vancouver area, was established in 2008. Over the past sixteen years, it has sent thousands of students to world-renowned universities with a 100% acceptance rate.

The academy is dedicated to respecting art, cultivating future artists and designers, emphasizing fundamentals, and providing rigorous and pragmatic teaching. It is committed to establishing orthodox Eastern and Western artistic thinking for students, planning art university applications, guiding students in portfolio preparation, applying to top art schools, and nurturing young artistic masters.

Booth # 101

YouRen Yan
Yan, YouRen

Yan is an acclaimed sculptor renowned for his emotive creations that delve into the essence of life. Yan graduated from the Shanghai Art Academy and has sculpted portraits of notable public figures, including Soong Ching Ling, the widow of Sun Yat-sen. He is currently on a mission to create a sculpture park in Canada. "I plan to create one sculpture of a celebrity each year. I have been creating sculptures for 40 years now, and I want to continue doing it for another 40 years until I reach the age of 100," he says. "For each portrait I create, I go through a process of communicating with the subject's soul, delving into their mind, and being inspired by and appreciating their art."

Booth # 301

Yanzhi Zhao
Zhao, Yanzhi (Emma)

Zhao's roots trace back to Beijing, China, but her journey led her to Canada at the age of 8. Currently a junior at Elgin Park Secondary School in Surrey, BC, she shares her home with her parents and two furry feline companions.⁠

Zhao's artistic flair knows no bounds. She fearlessly blends various mediums and explores the realm of 3D sculptures. Her passion lies in capturing the myriad of emotions experienced by young adults like herself. Through her artwork, Zhao not only celebrates the highs but also sheds light on the lows, employing a vibrant spectrum of colours to bring her creations to life. With aspirations of advancing her artistic journey, Emma aims to pursue a secondary degree in the arts.

Sculpture Area B

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