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Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Glossy interior design magazines often lead us to believe that one or two statement pieces of art in a home are enough. But true art lovers know that this simply isn’t the case! So why not transform your walls into your very own art gallery? Your home can easily become your very own showcase for your personal art collection. Let us guide you through these 4 simple steps to help you accomplish your vision:

Step 1: Curating your collection

Curation is the process of organising and presenting the artwork. Lots of galleries curate their shows around a common theme or subject matter, or by creating a chronological journey through an artist’s’ oeuvre. As the curator of your own space and artworks you can best decide how you wish to organise your art collection – but remember there should be a reason that underpins all of your curatorial decisions.

Step 2: Creating Feature walls with focal points

Pinterest is an excellent place to start researching feature walls. It is usually best to pick key focal pieces and then begin building the surrounding display. For maximum effect it is also best to give your pieces space to breathe, so avoid hanging work too close together – especially if your work has no mat frames. Negative space is vital if you wish to avoid all the work blurring into one big confusing blob.

Step 3: Making the most of your space

Remember to utilise different rooms and spaces around your home. The way you use your space can also help you decide where best to hang/display work. For example you may want to hang food related artwork in the kitchen or dining room – and perhaps tranquil, calming pieces work best in the bedroom (or perhaps not!). Another top tip is to also utilize vertical wall space, so be sure to hang your collection upwards as well as sideways.

Step 4: Showcase your collection by hosting your very own vernissage!

And finally – once your show is up on the walls be sure to celebrate in style. Stock up on cheese and wine and host your very own VIP vernissage to show off your efforts (and artwork) to your nearest and dearest. You will be the envy of all aspiring art collectors for sure!


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