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Grit, reality, beauty, celebration. This is what street photography duo Tara Mary Paget and Laura Noonan do best. The current show at Calabash Bistro in Gastown, Vancouver is Meet Me At The Lamp(p)ost in their element. This carefully curated exhibition documents everything from architecture and relationships to those momentary human encounters and interactions. It is a celebration of all things East Vancouver – immortalised by a series of candid and honest shots.

Noonan and Paget have been collaborating since 2016 and the Calabash exhibition is the duo’s third this year. Each show promises something different and the Calabash display is no exception. The show sits perfectly in the basement of the vibrant Caribbean bistro, and this time around the collaboration has expanded to also include work by UK painter Petra Giffard.

Meet Me At The Lamp(p)ost and Petra Giffard properly met at Art! Vancouver 2018 where they exhibited in adjacent booths. There was an instant connection and a natural evolution from friendship to artistic collaboration was the result. The resulting artworks are a fusion of MMATLP’s photographs that have been worked into by Petra Giffard. The two pieces are mixed-media artworks that sit homogeneously alongside MMATLP’s photographs, celebrating the artists’ shared values whilst also retaining the integrity and identity of all the collaborators. The whole show is a true example of how East Vancouver really is a catalyst for creativity and is not to be missed!

The Meet Me At The Lamp(p)ost + Calabash exhibition will be on display at 428 Carrall Street, Vancouver until October 1st 2018.


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