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How Art Can Transform Your Business

Doris Anderson is the Director of D’or Art Consultants in Vancouver, an art consultancy company that works with corporations, financial institutions, high tech companies, hospitals and private individuals to transform their workspaces and homes into stimulating and attractive environments.

Doris stresses the importance of Art particularly within an office environment, as it tells a story of your business to clients but also creates a welcoming and productive space for employees. It can also be a way for businesses to claim tax depreciation in Canada through purchasing Canadian artwork, so it is a win-win scenario!

Telling a Story Through Art

Choosing art for a workspace is not only about making the space more attractive for employees and clients, but it conveys a message about your business and your values to those that visit you. Walking into any room we immediately receive subconscious messages that tell us something about that company or institution, not only through the architecture and interior design but also through the art on their walls. Next time you walk into a hospital, university or bank (or anywhere!), take particular notice of their artwork and note how they may be trying to communicate something about their ethos.

Doris agrees that "art that 'tells your story' can be an investment, not only in the art, but in your history. Choosing art that inspires you for your future is priceless". She says that "through commissioning art, you can have artwork that is truly you". It can act as a material reminder of what you believe in, what motivates you, and what showcases your business' individuality. Your clients and employees then internalise this everyday.

Tips for Finding The Right Art Piece for Your Business

If you are interested in finding artwork for your business, Doris recommends that you must first "reflect upon your mission and vision" as a company, as this plays an essential role in directing you to the type of artist and artwork that you choose. In her article Three Important Things to Consider When Buying Art For Your Office, she interestingly points out that it is not just about how the painting looks, but it is also important to choose a piece created by an artist with similar values or beliefs as you or your business.

She writes that "it's not just about the colour and composition of art, it's about the Artist's story. Who is the Artist, and do they represent your Corporate Culture?", as this again adds to the identity that you are trying to portray to your visitors. Figuring out what your company's objectives are and finding an artist and their work which correlates with this can be hard, which is where an Art Consultant comes in. Doris writes that through hearing your story, your Art Consultant can then "fine tune the selection of art to truly represent who you are and what you do", providing you with a piece of artwork that is unique to yourself and your business.

There are clearly many reasons why you should include art in your office. It makes your employees happy, your clients get to know you better, and you get to keep a piece of art that represents both you and your business' ethos, all while supporting artists.

If you are looking for artwork for your office or home, there will be a range of art for sale at our event Art Downtown this summer. Come and visit us at Lot 19 every Wednesday and Cathedral Square every Friday from 11am - 2pm to connect with some artists and see if their work is the right fit for you and your space. Details about the Art Downtown Summer Program can be found on the VVAF's website.

You can read more about Art Consultancy, Canadian Art and tips on exhibiting art in your office through Doris' LinkedIn articles here. Keep a look out on her page as she will be releasing some new articles shortly. You can also find more information about D'or Art Consultants at

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