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Artwork Information

My flowers come from somewhere deep inside. They often strive for the light as in this painting showing the depths from where they originate.  I could hear the bees outside my studio when I painted this hence the name.

What's the Buzz

  • Christy Sverre

    Christy Sverre paints in a playful manner using vibrant colours and bold lines capturing the joy she finds around sailboats and flowers. Sverre has a degree in Fine Art and has studied with many artists over the years. She sees most of her development as the product of consistent hard work. With a broad palette, acrylic is her preferred medium and her diverse tools range from paintbrushes to scrapers. Working in multi layers with vigorous marks she draws from her experiences and intuition. Sverre works from her studio and gallery overlooking Gibson's harbour on Canada’s west coast.
  • Year Participated in Art Vancouver

    No data available.
  • Size

    20" x 16"
  • Weight (Lbs.)

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