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  • Yaoxi (Sharon) He

    Yaoxi (Sharon) He, born in China in 1998 and moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2006. She is currently residing in Vancouver, B.C. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Art with a major in Visual Arts, at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She works with both painting and ceramics, focuses on color, form, and space. The subject of her works have shifted over the past two years, from investigating purely on colors and shapes, to exploring the relationship and interaction between colors and geometric abstraction as a whole within the space, to using them as a language to represent her everyday encounters. From the end of 2020, she has begun to dig into the inner part of her art and uses them as a mirror to reflect the unknown part of herself. She gave up on the idea of defining her art but starting to criticize all the definitions that she has developed over the past few years.
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