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Artwork Information

Original, handmade and ready to hang abstract oil painting of a woman. This painting is on a stretched canvas with high quality oils and glossy finish. It would be perfect artwork for your living room.
Medium: Heavy body oil painting

Universe in her Hair

  • Bhoomika Dewangan

    I grew up watching my grandparents making colorful sculptures and those beautiful colors inspired me at an early age to strive for creativity. I am a self taught fulltime artist, I used to sketch during my studies and participated in various creative workshops in my childhood. My art is full of abstractions, I use language of lines, colors, shapes and textures to create compositions with bold brush strokes, this allows me to freely communicate visually without the constraint of forms found in objective reality. I am mainly focused in making abstract, figurative and florals with Acrylic and Oil mediums. Nature’s forms, human emotions and spontaneous self expressions are a major source of inspiration in my work. I love to experiment with colors, ideas and techniques and I work towards developing paintings that speak both to me and to others about the beauty that surrounds us.
  • Year Participated in Art Vancouver

    No data available.
  • Size

    36 inches X 36 inches X 1.5 inches
  • Weight (Lbs.)

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