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I live about an hour away from Banff, AB and I love hiking in the mountains. It’s wonderful seeing animals in the wild and it’s especially exciting seeing a grizzly. It just blows me away.
This bear seems to be thinking “How can I get up there”. It’s great to imagine what he/she is seeing…

Grizzly Watch

  • Terry Kruse

    Terry Kruse is a Calgary Artist who creates large, flowing, abstract dreamscapes, reminiscent of a fabulous garden, mountain retreat or a tropical vacation. Her poured, no brush, expressionist-styled paintings have a warmth that makes people smile, echoing what Terry's feels while creating. Terry has long been an animal lover and did a series a few years ago featuring wild horses. In the past few months she has come back to her roots and added a sea turtle and a number of Grizzly and Polar bears to her poured backgrounds. These wild animals seem to bring her art to life.
  • Year Participated in Art Vancouver

    No data available.
  • Size

    48" x 72"
  • Weight (Lbs.)

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