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Granville Island, 2018, Watercolour on paper 15x22in, by Mohammad Reza Atashzad.

Granville Island

  • M. Reza Atashzad

    Master Watercolour Artist M. Reza Atashzad, a well-recognized international watercolourist, is also an esteemed Vancouver art instructor that teaches in different communities and art institutes. He has over 35 years experience in teaching drawing, painting, and architectural design. He is the founder and director of the Atashzad Art Gallery and Art Academy in Tehran. He has published more than 700 paintings such as greeting cards, posters, albums, and books. Also, Atashzad has held more than 150 solo and group exhibitions in major cities around the world. His uniquely-styled creations have a different vision and feeling in their subjects of nature: the beauty of flowers, landscapes, monumental buildings with a pleasing blend of reality and the poetic imagination that bring us peace, love, and happiness.
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