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Artwork Information

The black window represents our soul. Looking through the window, we can feel what it is we want, but we can't see how to get there. It feels like we're walking the path of the unknown, which we are... except the reason why we can't see it, is because we've never been there before - so of course it isn't obvious. The only way there is to trust our EMOTIONS and how we feel - it will always take us in the right direction.

A window to the soul

  • Tori Swanson

    I'm passionate about experiencing an energy larger than myself, one that connects to all of humankind. When I paint, I focus on healing. Often times, I take the resistance or challenges in my life, and I use that as inspiration to create. That moment of presence and bliss I feel with my brush on canvas is transmuted into my artwork - into the physical realm. My hope is that others will experience that same divine energy I experienced when I created the piece of art. The transformation from angst to love and act as a beacon for others moving through their own human experience.
  • Year Participated in Art Vancouver

    No data available.
  • Size

    59 x 73"
  • Weight (Lbs.)

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