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Green Apple Art Centre at Art Vancouver

Green Apple Art Centre's Exhibition Team presented AR implemented "Revive Tomorrow," an adaptation to the context of despair during COVID and hopes for the future at the 6th edition of Art Vancouver.

From concept development to finalization, it took six months for ten young artists to complete the 15 feet by 10 feet wall-size painting. Apart from mapping out the integration of painting detail, much time was spent in storyboard making and elaboration of digital content for Augmented Reality components.

Representing ten young artists, Viela Hu and Brian Yoo say the key concepts in the artwork are expressed through symbolic colours and shapes.

"Red stripes mean natural elements; purple ones represent life. Blue strips stand for essential elements of life, such as water. Exploited earth is a key background. The ball is the seed for the recovery of the world. It has floated since the first sign of life came from the ocean. The mountain refers to the Old Testament because humans desired to be equal to God. Colours and violent brushstrokes communicate frustration due to earthly destruction." Viela says. "Still, the audience can revive the future through AR. All they need to do is scan the artwork!".

The artwork is an adaptation to the context of despair during COVID, a demoralizing period, especially for youth who are cut off from so many formative activities. The artwork forms a premonition of when circumstances will change to the point that confidence in the future emerges again, and the audience can experience the transition through AR.

About the Augmented Reality component, Brian says, "It is experimental, with a cutting-edge force. It was a perfect tool for us to showcase our creative impulses. In our work, the ribbon represents the source of life, and the balls signify a complete form of new life. Because of AR, audiences can actually visualize how ribbon forms balls, and the ball multiplies itself to recover lives. All possible because of this technology. Download the apps before you visit our booth!"

To experience AR implementation, visitors should download the Artivive App for Android or Apple devices before arriving at the exhibition.

In addition to 'Revive Tomorrow,' Green Apple Art Centre showcased individual students' artworks at Art Vancouver.

About Green Apple Art Centre:

Green Apple Art Centre has more than 20 years of experience helping students become leaders in creative industries. Students can build a strong technical foundation, apply their skills in industry-focused projects, and develop an outstanding portfolio in Green Applecourses, feature programs, and extracurricular activities. Students can be in grade 4 or 12, for example, or preparing for a graduate degree. Instructors will deliver content allowing students to explore new media and disciplines, challenge their skill levels, and grow as artists and designers. Adult art programs are also offered.


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