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Meet Our Art Masters Participants 2020

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

VVAF is excited to merge their popular Art Masters competition with their new summer program Art Downtown on Wednesday July 22nd at Lot 19, from 12pm - 1pm.

8 artists, 1 theme, 1 mystery box of unconventional art supplies, 1 hour.

Art Masters is an art competition in which 8 professional artists create a piece of artwork based on a theme (which will be announced on the day), using one mystery toolbox filled with unconventional painting tools. They will have one hour to create a piece of art based on this theme, requiring them to unleash their creative talents within an exciting environment.

Below you can find out more about the artists participating in Art Masters, and hear from them about their work and practice.

Participating Artists:

Stin Dang

Hiya, I’m Stin! My natural habitat is my desk, I can be seen crouching over my computer in the dark with a mug full of tea and a mess of art supplies scattered atop of it.

I'm really passionate about art -- some people have told me I'm a little too passionate, and I can get carried away talking about it. I think any form of creation is amazing and that art is the most human indulgence there is.

Elizabeth Cross

Elizabeth Cross is a prolific acrylic and face artist. She has exhibited her work throughout the Vancouver and Seattle area. Elizabeth absolutely loves to paint colourful vibrant flowers and faces. She has been painting as a hobby for 30 years, however, since 2018 has decided to show her work to the public. Painting for Elizabeth is a complete addiction. She dreams of paintings and what to paint next.

Michael Oyaro

I am Michael Oyaro. I come from Kenya located at the East of Africa. I have a passion for Art especially painting. It all started when i was young , used to draw cartoons. I learned more of Art in high school as it strengthened my artistic skills. My strengths are painting the human figure, especially portraits with a deep meaning/message to it. Most of my paintings, the thought process comes from my life experiences and inspiration stories I have heard from