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Sources of art Inspiration

Being constantly inspired to create can sometimes be tough. But who says we should have to wait to be inspired? There are many people and living beings around the world that inspire others everyday.

These sources of inspiration can range from life experiences, nature, history, imagination, science and media. All it takes is a little spark of imagination for creativity to grow. To help you find some inspiration, we’ve provided a small list of sources and resources to try.


Here in Vancouver, Canada, we are surrounded by greenery and the ocean. And on the off chance the weather is tolerable, then there are beautiful places to explore such as:

Art by Mohammad Reza Atashzad
  • The local dog park

  • Granville Island

  • Lynn Valley

  • Downtown Vancouver (ex. people walking down the street, traffic, architecture)

  • Capilano Suspension Bridge

  • Stanley Park

  • Grouse Mountain (ex. trees, animals, flowers)

  • Spanish Banks (ex. waves, sunset)

  • Bloedel Conservatory

Some of the locations on this list can provide a peaceful and quiet environment away from any noise pollution to help offer you a place to think. So have fun, take pictures for later or, if it's really nice out, you can set up a space and draw or paint to your heart's desire.


Whether it's the lyrics or the melody, music can be great sources of inspiration for a new art piece. Music helps set a tone and can help you focus as you paint, sculpt or draw.

A friend once suggested Yiruma because it often provided her with a positive and calming energy as she painted. While others have said they like pop, rock or indie music as it gets them energetic and their energy pumping.


These are great sources of material to help you get creative or get connected to events, shows, galleries or other artists. They can also be useful for creating mixed media art pieces that reflect your personal goals, dreams and local or national environments.

  • Juxtapoz

  • ARTnews

  • The local newspaper

  • The New Yorker

Movies & TV

You can easily get inspired by great television shows and movies because of the production team running them.

Art by Emily Franzoi

We’ve included a small list of some productions with really good animation, cinematography, editing, colour correction, costume design, music, choreography or set design that can inspire your future creations.

  • Shape of Water

  • Parasite

  • Midnight in Paris

  • Soul

  • Roma (great cinematography)

  • Bajirao Mastani (set and costume are so beautiful as well as the music)

  • Stranger Things

  • The Handmaid's Tale (The book is good too)

  • The Crown

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-erse (music and animation)


These can be great substitutes to music or to listen while on the go. The two podcasts listed here provide numerous great sources such as other artists' thoughts or how to market yourself as an artist.

  • Artist Decoded

  • Artists Helping Artists

We had to narrow some of our lists due to some really great sources of art inspiration. What do you think we missed?

What are some places, movies or music that inspires you?

Comment below or share your thoughts at @artvancouver #vanvaf!

By Marlene Ferhatoglu

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For me I think some of the Taylor Swift songs are really inspiring, for instance "Shake it Off", has been my go to song always when I get negative vibes.

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