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Online Art Classes: Even in restrictive times, we can still have creative freedom

Taking online art classes during the pre-pandemic era could have been seen as an unconventional way to explore our artistic potential. After all, we were generally more accustomed to do any sort of social activity or learning in an in-person setting rather than online. But little did we know that even while experiencing all the pandemic craziness, we would still be able to explore our artistic potential, learn new skills and enjoy art with other like-minded individuals without having to physically be there.

VVAF is promoting such at-home art learning possibilities by hosting online art classes taught by unique and talented artists from Art Vancouver.

These classes range from acrylic painting, pastel drawing techniques, watercolour, mixed media and more. Classes in these mediums allow you to explore and learn to create a variety of scenes, such as beautiful florals, landscapes, abstract art with various techniques and much more, all done in each instructor’s unique style.

Online art classes are a great way to explore and further your artistic abilities while also allowing yourself to relax and have fun, especially when we need it the most. Online art class participants have shared how by taking these classes It has inspired them to keep learning and to become more knowledgeable about their painting and drawing skills. They also recommended these online art classes for anyone with a joy for art, regardless of what skill level they may have.

Herring Gull by Online Art Instructor Rose Tanner

Other online art class participants have also said they’ve felt very supported by their teachers throughout their online art class experience and they’ve noticed how the learning environment is a very personable and a quite enjoyable one. And if you’re worried about not being able to keep up with an online learning environment, don’t be. Former online art class participants have shared that the talented instructors from Art Vancouver are very open to answering questions during the class as well as are very patient and aware of taking the time to allow students to move at a comfortable pace throughout the session.

It is important to notice how during these ever changing times, we are constantly evolving and adapting, sometimes even without being aware of it. It’s important to recognize the great possibilities that can result from learning to adapt to a new way of learning. For example, by taking part in online learning, we can learn to be more responsible and accountable for ourselves by still showing up on time and having the necessary materials for the class, even when not being physically there. Another positive aspect of online learning is cutting time on commuting, enabling us to be more efficient with our time overall in other aspects of our lives. But the most important of all is being open in finding new ways to overcome unpredictable challenges and ever changing life circumstances. Not allowing them to hinder our ability to express ourselves, enhance our creativity or continue to be connected to like-minded individuals. I believe adaptation is one of the greatest strengths we can learn to foster in our lives, and what better time to start doing it than now.

Learn more about VVAF’s online classes on our website.

by Alexandra Vergara


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