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Exhibitor Spotlight: ÓVALO Galería de Arte

Mexico is often recognized for its diverse culture and vibrant colors, making it an exciting place to be a part of the art community. Exhibiting pieces inspired by this corner of the world at Art Vancouver 2019 is the ÓVALO Galería de Arte, who is making the journey from the country’s capital, Mexico City.

“The art community is a rare combination between the city’s demanding audience and the constant creativity of the art union,” explains Oscar Valenzuela Lamas, Director of ÓVALO Galería de Arte. “New concepts, crazy projects and being one of the largest cities in the world make Mexico City a moving canvas.”

Attendees who view ÓVALO’s work can expect to see a variety of techniques and creative content including canvas art, photography, installations, and sculptures. As a multidisciplinary gallery, they fill the needs of a young audience, who appreciate experimentation and different creative processes.

The gallery was formed to create a single space where different mediums of art are brought together, something that Oscar had recognized as missing in his art community. “ÓVALO is our house and it is a space where art and its point of questioning come together,” says Oscar. This passion has inspired the gallery to travel more than 5,000 kilometers to Vancouver this April in order to share Mexico’s contemporary art.

However, if you are to visit Mexico City yourself, you may also come across work by ÓVALO artists, without even entering the gallery’s doors. “We not only operate within the physical gallery space, but we also play with public spaces, intervening the impossible and letting the art do its own work,” shares Oscar.

In terms of one of the particularly memorable public spaces that ÓVALO transformed, Oscar recalls an abandoned, destroyed factory. 1,500 attendees arrived to watch a team of 20 artists, muralists, and urban creators, paint the whole factory from top to bottom. “It was an awesome experience. One we will never forget.”

Visit ÓVALO Galería de Arte at Art Vancouver 2019. Discover more about the gallery by visiting

Instagram: @ovalogaleria

Facebook: @Ovalo Galería de Arte


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