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Art Vancouver presents AI Art: A New Era

Date: Saturday May 6
Time: 4:00PM - 5:00PM
Location: Vancouver Convention Centre West - Hall A

What is AI Art, and how is it affecting the future of the art world? What can we expect for how AI will continue to develop?


Join us and our three panelists to discuss the rise of AI, it's impact on art, their careers, creative processes, and more!  




John Bondoc is the Global Design Director for Ekohe, a software company that specializes in digital transformation and AI integration. His 20 year design career includes Creative Director and Head of Design posts in branded consumer goods that include Converse/Nike, John Fluevog, and K-Swiss.  John, his wife, and young son also run a home-based Community Contribution Corporation called Saturna Outdoor where they experiment with sustainable object-making inspired by our beautiful Gulf Islands.

Eunice Wu Headshot.jpg


Eunice is a self-taught digital media artist and designer. She is also a co-founder of an AI clinical decision support tool for medical practitioners. Her art journey started by learning design programs 7 years ago through exploring curiosities in various multimedia platforms. Since then, her art style has grown and is now highly inspired by classical philosophy and psychology concepts. Her art has previously been featured on Adobe Live, TEDx, and displayed in the Vancouver Art Gallery for live auction. The style of her pieces are bright and tranquil surrealism that aims to evoke dystopian commentary.



Thomas Girard (born 30 December, 1980 in Vancouver, Canada) is a Canadian scholar. Girard was accepted to attend University of Oxford in lectures equivalent to graduate coursework. Girard has received several Emerging Scholar awards, first at the Design Principles and Practices conference in Barcelona, Spain at the prestigious ELISAVA. At Emily Carr University of Art and Design he received his second Emerging Scholar award. Other awards include RBC Emerging Scholar, Royal Bank of Canada Foundation. For 2021, he has been awarded an Emerging Scholar award from the New Directions in the Humanities conference in Madrid, Spain.



Steve DiPaola is a digital alchemist, who works at the forefront of the intersections of machine learning and creativity. Using his custom-built computational systems, DiPaola’s artistic practice is informed by his work as a cognitive scientist and HCI thought leader. DiPaola’s art straddles interdisciplinary boundaries. Through often collaborative processes that involve interaction, site-specific installation and dynamic immersive experience, his work generates a cosmology of relations between the increasingly complex entanglement of humans, machines and nature. With over 15 solo shows and 60 additional major exhibitions, DiPaola’s work is exhibited internationally, from the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), to the MIT Museum, the Whitney, Cambridge University’s Kings Art Center, the Smithsonian, and more.

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